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EEE is a university programme intended Open Dayfor the professional field of Electrical & Electronic Engineering with specializations in Robotics, Telecommunications, Sound Engineering or Business Engineering. With the knowledge and skills gained in this program you can work as high-level engineers in the wide field of Electronic Engineering sector, both in the Netherlands and abroad. This bachelor program leads to the international Bachelor degree of Engineering (Bsc).

The Open Day will be on:
Eindhoven, Saturday 16 November, 09:30 – 15:00h
Address: Rachelsmolen 1, 5612 MA Eindhoven, Netherlands
Phone:+31 88 508 0000


Fontys PROUD students impress at Honours Symposium

On the 3rd and 4th of October, three international students from Fontys  Hogeschool Engineering (FHE) were given the opportunity to present at the  2013 Honours conference in Rotterdam.  More than 300 professionals and international guests attended this conference.

These 3 students, Deep Raj Khadka, Divyia Kanagalingam and Michael Kruger, are member of the excellent students programme at Fontys Electrical Engineering called PROUD (stands for PRogrammeOUtstanding Development).

They presented the results of their scientific research as one of the paper presentations. With this research they showed that this excellence programme, PROUD, boosts the curriculum at Electrical Engineering of the FHE.

Under the guidance of their supervisor, Mr Peter van Kollenburg, they also found that the PROUD programme is more than up to standard when compared to the other honours programmes from around the world.

The PROUD programme offers professional work experience, an aspect that many honours programmes do not offer. With these work experiences the PROUD students bring the needs of the companies into the engineering curriculum. Due to this all students have an up to date curriculum. The audience was very lyrical about this construction.

Overall, the conference proved to be very informative and an educational experience, many techniques were explored and discussed. The students enjoyed their experience at the conference and will come with proposals based on the new insights that they have gained by discussing other honours programmes. One of the changes will be the intake and interview of new candidates for this excellence programme.

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