PROUD Intake Session

On Monday the 4th of November, at Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven, in the faculty of Electrical Engineering (EEE) a committee of both PROUD coaches and PROUD students held an intake event to understand who could have better fit in the PROUD program of 2014, among the 15 excellence students of the second year who applied.

The event consisted of an interview and a common activity. These served to analyze the behavior and the attitude of the candidates from a closer perspective.
The interviews lasted from 20 to 30 minutes each, and were needed for the PROUD commission to get an in-depth knowledge on where the candidates eventually see them-selves working in the future; on what they are willing to do to share their experience with the engineering community and their fellow students; on why they want to join the PROUD, and on what they think their strengths and weaknesses are.
The CVs, the motivation and application letters of the candidates were also discussed in some cases.
During the interviews some of the candidates also had to undergo a Q&A test.

Although the interviews varied in respect to each candidate, the impressions have been similar and overall positive amongst the second year students.
One of the students said, “It was similar to other job interviews I had in the past, very serious and professional.”
“Their faces were really inscrutable. Especially the PROUD student who was holding my interview, he showed no emotions and no response could shine through his face,” added many of the candidates.
In others’ opinion, “It was a tough interview, really challenging and interesting as first experience.”
And again, “Many details from the documents I submitted were analyzed, and I also had to undergo some tough question about my choices.”

After the interviews and a short lunch break offered by the University of Fontys, all the students participated to the common activity that consisted of two team games which were useful to analyze the communication skills of the candidates as well as their attitude and behavior inside a team (see pictures at the bottom of this page).

Initially split into two different teams, the candidates had to play a very peculiar game. In fact the verbal and written communications were forbidden, and the tasks of each one were secret to the other team members. During this 20 minutes challenge, the candidates tried to fulfill their tasks while building a Lego construction, and being closely observed by the committee of PROUD coaches and PROUD students.

The second game involved three different teams in a competition for who could make the highest tower made of spaghetti, tape, and twine with a marshmallow on top. This has been considered more as a funny race in which the candidates could give free rein to creativity, but still their attitude has been monitored.
Also the impressions about the games were positive. Many of the students were surprised; they said they did not expect something of this sort.
One of them added, “I think that observing us during the games could really make them see how we interact.”
Another student also said, “I did not expect anything like this! They were fun and smart games. It is a nice way to find out how we work, how we are in doing team work. It was good that different classes of the second year were mixed in the teams.”

However also some suggestions came from another student: “I believe 20 minutes is too less time to understand a person’s sociability or a student’s group interaction. I hoped a better approach could have been taken instead of a game, however it was fun.”

In the end of the intake session the candidates were reassured not to worry if they could not get in the PROUD, because the places for this honor program are limited but the opportunity in life are almost infinite, and they are still part of the best students of the Fontys University. So we all have to remember that “success is getting what you want, happiness is liking what you get.”

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