Workshop: Introduction to Linux

Getting tired of blue-screens (Windows) and hardware specific software (Apple OS X)? It doesn’t work as you want it to work, you don’t know how many back doors the OS has to NSA, MI6 etc, it has an unknown level of security and you still pay way too much money for it? There are alternatives depending on your usage.. so we are giving you the opportunity to get to know Linux!

This course is aimed at someone who has basic knowledge of how to use a windows computer and also knows a little about how a computer works. So even if you have never heard from the name ‘Linux’ before, you should be able to follow the presentation and workshop without any problem and ofcourse we will be there to assist.

First a presentation will be given as an introduction to the very basics of Linux. How it originated and how to use it. Second, a workshop will be given to actually work with Linux yourself.

– A laptop with latest version of ‘VMware Player’ installed
– The latest ISO of Arch Linux* ( e.g. archlinux-2013.12.01-dual.iso)

*You only need to download the ISO file. You will receive instructions about how to install it during the workshop when we will actually install Arch Linux.

Definition of basic knowledge about how to use a windows computer:
– How the filesystem is organised (files are stored in folders in partitions on hard drives, create edit and remove files)
– Installing software (how to install a program and what (basically) happens when you do that)

The workshop will take place at the following time/date:

January 8th, 2014, 12:30pm. Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Location: R1 1.01

If you want to join, please sent an email to There is a limitation on the number of participants!

See you there!