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2018 Intake Session!

On October 31st of 2018, PROUD organized intakes for new 2nd year students. We had 12 students; seven from electrical engineering, three from mechanical engineering and two from mechatronics. These students first gave an elevator pitch so the jury could get an idea of who they were. After the pitch we had individual interviews with the students. The interview group consisted of a PROUD member, an alumni, a teacher and someone from the industry. For the students who were waiting for the interviews small games were set up that they could play, like building the highest spaghetti tower.  

After the interviews PROUD selected that 9 students would be accepted into PROUD. These new PROUD students are preparing and getting in contact with companies to find a place to work! Also, they are taking part in the weekly meetings and finding out what positions they want in the PROUD committee.  

It was a successful afternoon and we hope we will have an educational and fun time!