Montero Ruben

Bachelor course:Mechanical Engineering
Specialization: Mechanics
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Member

About myself:

When I was a child, I loved every time my grandparents were taking me to the train station to see all these big monsters rolling on the tracks. That passion grew up with me becoming passionate for engineering and led me to complete my studies and start my professional career as a commissioning engineer, where I worked for more than 7 years in all kinds of projects including international experience. At one point, I decided that I wanted to keep growing in my career and stepped aside from the professional world back to education for becoming a mechanical engineer. I came attracted by the potential of The Netherlands where I can combine quality education and opportunities to direct the next steps of my career towards exciting new fields.

In Eindhoven, I found a lively space where I am enjoying my free time. I love running (or rollerblading when the weather allows it) along the canals surrounded by nature, going to the city center and sitting in a comfortable terrace, or visiting the airport for spotting some planes! I also made good friendships with other students and enjoy making plans for playing some team sports or simply organizing barbecues. And of course, when I have the opportunity of getting some days off, my favorite hobbies: traveling and scuba diving, which I try to do over the summer breaks

About PROUD Programme: The program has a lot of potential to become a success with the mechanical engineers as it has been through the years for the Electrical engineers. It is really positive for the students to gain knowledge of the professional world while they still have to take care of their study responsibilities, making them more responsible and organized. The opportunity of experiencing the applications of the topics they learn in class is definitively a unique selling point of PROUD.

Mihail Marinov

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Embedded systems, software
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Member

About myself: I am a Bulgarian who came to the Netherlands to study electrical engineering and see how life is abroad. I don’t know why but I have been interested in engineering since I was a child and that interest just persisted over the years. When it was time to decided what my further education was going to be, I took a somewhat spontaneous choice to pursuit electrical engineering. I am interested in a lot of things, but engineering seemed like a good choice to make a profession out of.
My hobbies are motorsports with four-wheel vehicles and photography. Unfortunately, motorsports are as easy to participate in compared to the popular ones like tennis or volleyball, so usually watching the cars and taking pictures of them is the way to combine both hobbies.

About PROUD Programme: The first year in Fontys went quite well and I had a lot of free time which I spent gaming. Therefore, it was a good idea to find a job, however, I found out about PROUD. Joining PROUD and working in the engineering field was going to be better for my development compared to delivering pizza with my bike in the rain.
Until now I had not worked anything, so I was anxious whether working is going to be unpleasant and stressful. Fortunately, I found a company with a pleasant working environment and assignment which I have fun doing.

Smets Arne

Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: None
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Member

About myself: I am Arne and i’m 21 years old. I study Electrical Engineering because I liked technology in general and after some visits at Fontys I liked Electrical over the Mechanics. I’m currently still finding out what my specialization is and what I like to do the most. I do like coding and Embedded Systems, but also the Analog Practicum is something I like.

After school I am playing korbal quite a lot and I am currently captain of the first team of my club SDO Veldhoven. I also train the 3 youth teams ‘Under 16’ and coach the U16-1. This costs some time but I love the game that much. Besides this I am also member of the Youth Technical Commission and am referee at youth competitions.

About PROUD Programme: Before Fontys I did pre-university (VWO). After I doubled the fifth year I started to think again about my next study. Almost everybody went to University but I wanted to learn a bit more practical skills and thought the smaller classes would suit me better. As I decided to go to Fontys, I made a condition for myself: If it goes well in the first year, do something extra, because I knew I didn’t do the highest education as possible. That’s where PROUD started for me. I think PROUD is a great opportunity to develop myself and gain extra experience even before the internships.

Meijer Roy

Role in PROUD committee: Member Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization:Embedded Systems and Digital Design
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Vice-chairman

About myself: A few years ago, I got into obtaining the best audio/video signals out of my video game consoles. I bought some modification kits which improved the audio and video quality of some of my video game consoles, and I figured out that I want to be able to design comparable things myself. When I stated to look for a study, I found that I can learn those things at Electrical Engineering. 

At the time writing this article, I found the courses Digital Design and Embedded Systems suit my interests the best. I even got the ability to send in my own project idea, so at the third semester, me and six other students (two of whom are PROUD members) tried to recreate a Nintendo Entertainment System. I have learned a lot about generating and manipulating video signals during this project. 

After this study, I want to do a master in Embedded Systems so I can learn even more about my favorite subjects. 

About PROUD Programme: PROUD helps me to develop my soft skills and hard skills. When working at my PROUD company, I learn a lot of things which I don’t learn at Fontys. I can develop my soft skills because presenting is my weak point, and I can practice and improve this while doing things for the PROUD community. 

Lakzaei Ehsan

Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Chairman

About myself:

Did you know that every thing in this world can be modulated and be analysed like a control system that we see in our daily life? From A to Z!!! From analysing the behavior of the atoms to analysing a non linear system in machines to telecommunication analyses and even furthur to analysing the whole galaxy!!!! The more I go deeper to my field of study the more it becomes fascinating.
I’m Ehsan, 31 years old (let’s say, age is just a number! who cares… 😂) and I’m from Iran. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see and to experiance. I do love biking, trips and the most important one : studying and teaching!
I always wanted to be a great teacher at a university and the chance of being one, was given to me about one and half year ago when I started studying at Fontys! So Thanks Fontys!

About PROUD Programme:

How many of you know the percentage of chances that a student gets a good offer for a job after graduation?

Let this idea sink in for a second and then imagine what it would be like if students would have more practical perspective in terms of their workplace and study environment. This represents the main goal of PROUD. Gaining experience in the field of study is certainly one of the most important aspects for all students and it is a great advantage when it comes to applying for a job.

But this is not the only goal of being a PROUD member! We, as PROUD members, learn how to improve our soft skills, how to share our gained knowledge from companies with other students.

At last, we are not just members, but a new PROUD’s constructors generation.

Eduard Cazacu

Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Embedded Systems and Digital Design
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Member

About myself: Ever since I first laid my hands on electronics, in the form of toys as a kid, I was intrigued. To my parents’ despair, I wanted to understand how they work. I was taking everything apart and switching wires, trying to reverse engineer. However, growing up I discovered programming and started perusing a career in computer science, studying 4 years of C++ and many other programming languages in my free time. I soon discovered that the output of my programs and algorithms were not “physical” enough for me. I wanted more. I wanted my code to interact with the real world. It didn’t take long after I got my first Arduino to realize that Electrical Engineering is the best choice for me. It was my passion and I could make it my day job.  By the end of my first year studying electrical engineering and its many specializations I’ve made my mind: I want to focus on Embedded Systems and Digital Design. 

My hobbies, when not tackling personal electronics projects, include photography and film. I love the entire process from scripting all the way to editing and special effects. But at heart, I am a true gear-head knowing the amazing engineering behind the cameras, both in our pockets and at Hollywood, which we take for granted. My hope is that one day I will manage to combine my profession and my hobbies and get to work on the gear used to capture the otherworldly stories and visuals from the movies.  

About PROUD Programme: Through the years I’ve found that real-life challenges and projects help me learn at a faster pace than anything else. I find practical experience extremely valuable as a way to motivate theoretical studying and deeper understanding. The PROUD programme provided me with head-start for my internship and with valuable practical experience, first-hand and from fellow members. 

Mihail Șotropa

Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Embedded and Power Electronics
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Member

About myself: I am a student from Republic of Moldova who has a very strong interest in the engineering world. I decided to study in Netherlands because it offers good opportunities for people with a passion. My strongest motivation is to make humans life easier. In this way people will save a lot of time which can be invested in others things.

About PROUD Programme: I joined PROUD because it offers possibility to work in a company and discover how companies work. Besides that it is a nice community with people who are very nice and smart.