First workshop for interested students

On Tuesday the 2nd of October we had a workshop from our new partner HighTechTalents.

The workshop was for the new 2nd year students that are interested in PROUD and want to participate in the intakes. To prepare the students for the intakes, the workshop covered points like; elevator pitch, cover letter, and CV. Now it is for the students themselves to complete their pitch, cover letter, and CV. So that during the intakes, they can show that they are ready and motivated to become a PROUD member.

This was the first event that we did with HighTechTalents, and they are interested in PROUD and we are happy to work with them in the next year.

Amina Mokhtar

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering (International course)
Semester: 2 & 4

About PROUD Programme: PROUD is an opportunity which will broaden my knowledge by exploring different perspectives. I joined PROUD to gain work experience, explore new areas in an early stage of my study. Also, share my experience with my fellow students. Besides that, it will provide an opportunity to be more aware of what I want to do in the future and how to develop myself in a specific area. It is important to stay optimistic and keep trying until you come over your obstacles.


Toma Garofil

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering (International course)
Semester: 4

About myself: My interest for electronics and cutting edge technology started all the way back in my childhood years. Exactly this passion brought me all the way to The Netherlands to study and become an electronic engineer. My range of interests varies from digital design and embedded software all the way to analogue and power electronics. I am trying to be open to any opportunity and challenge that rises along the way and also have fun while doing it, because if I enjoy doing something, I am a lot better at doing it.
About PROUD: After my first year of studies, I have decided to take up the challenge and join PROUD. I was really keen on starting to gain working experience in the field of electronic engineering and the PROUD Programme has given me this exact opportunity. I have come a long way since I joined PROUD, improving both my technical and professional skills and I consider this experience to be invaluable. What is also important is that PROUD is a comunity in which we help each other, share our experiences and, of course, have fun.


Bram Kuijk

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering (International course)
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: External committee

About myself: I am, and always have been, interested in electronics and technology. The main topics I am interested in are PCB design, embedded systems and analogue design. As an engineering student, I think it is important to get as much experience as possible. That is why I think it is important to stay critical and always try to find new things to learn, both technical and nontechnical.

About PROUD Programme: I see the PROUD program as a great way to gain more experience. The thing that really speaks to me in the PROUD program is learning new things that make you a better engineer, and help other people by sharing this knowledge in the process. It allows me to further improve both my technical and professional skills by working in a professional environment. In my opinion, the best way to learn is to apply things in practise and learn from the results.

Brenda Krekels

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

About myself: I am a spontaneous dutch woman with a strong sense of responsibility and I like to take the initiative. I also have good communication skills and a lot of perseverance. I know what I want and do everything within my power to achieve it.

About PROUD Programme: I choose for the PROUD programme because I was looking for a practical challenge alongside my study. I am theoretically strong and I want to develop myself more in ‘hand-on’ terms, in a real life setting. This programme is also a way to contribute the improvement of the engineering education process. The PROUD program is a good way to learn quickly and become one of the best engineers. And that’s my goal.

Stijn Groen

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Role in PROUD committee:
Media committee

About myself: I like electrical engineering and I am interested in software, digital and embeded systems. I am curious and ambitious. From a young age I always wanted to understand what was going on inside ‘products’. And now I get to find out how everything works.

About PROUD Programme: I am always up for a new challenge and PROUD fits perfectly for that. The main selling point is working for a company, I am really looking forward to gaining more experiences. beside that it is a really nice community who are all up for a challenge. I am really looking forward to my time in PROUD.

Mitch van Engelen

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Semester: 4

About myself: I am the kind of person who likes a challenge and is always looking for ways to improve. That is why electrical engineering is so much fun! it is always changing and you have to keep up.

About PROUD Programme: I joined the Proud programme because i want to learn what it is realy like working in engineering and to share my experiences with the proud community.

Jos van den Eijnden

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Semester: 4

About myself: From a young age, wanting to know how electronic devices and machines work has spiked my ambitions in pursuing a career in electrical engineering. I’m always passionate about new technological advancements and how they can be beneficial to improving our quality of life. Personally, I always try to work on more challenging projects, as I have experienced you can learn the most from them.

About PROUD Programme: PROUD provides the means to get more involved in the bachelor curriculum as well as the business aspect of engineering. By challenging yourself in the programme and gaining more experience, you are giving yourself a substantial advantage career-wise; exactly why I joined PROUD.

Edo Buijs

Bachelor course:
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: internal committee

About myself: I’m a dutch mechatronics student, with specific interests in robotics, electro-mechanics and automation. Electrical engineering wasn’t enough for me, as I want to create machines that move around.

About PROUD Programme: The PROUD programma is an Excellent opportunity to improve the Fontys experience and to help make future students enthusiastic about engineering. On top of this PROUD is an excellent way for students to get early inside knowledge into engineering in the real world. I joined PROUD to stand out from all the regular students but also to actively participate in improving our education and the image of engineering.