We are getting ready to welcome new members for this year. For this, we would like to invite alumni and our company contacts to assess the pitches and assist in the interviewing process of the new candidates. Your presence will help new candidates make connections. And as a company, you will be in contact with excellent engineering students and have a chance to groom future engineers.

First meeting with possible new members!

On the 20th of May, we had an informal talk with the first-year students who are interested in PROUD. The goal of the evening was just having a talk with the possible new members to inform them some more about proud and help them to determine if PROUD is something that they would like to join.

Next to that was it a more informal meeting with all current members and have a talk about other things than PROUD stuff. We provided everyone with pizza and a nice drink. See photo’s below for an impression!

We also received our new polo’s from HighTech Talents! Thanks for that!

First workshop for interested students

On Tuesday the 2nd of October we had a workshop from our new partner HighTechTalents.

The workshop was for the new 2nd year students that are interested in PROUD and want to participate in the intakes. To prepare the students for the intakes, the workshop covered points like; elevator pitch, cover letter, and CV. Now it is for the students themselves to complete their pitch, cover letter, and CV. So that during the intakes, they can show that they are ready and motivated to become a PROUD member.

This was the first event that we did with HighTechTalents, and they are interested in PROUD and we are happy to work with them in the next year.

PROUD Intake 2016!

On November 8, 2016 took place intake for new PROUD members! This year’s Fontys PROUD intake included candidates from Fontys Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics. We had wonderful day together with enthusiastic and ambitious candidates.

During the pitch, PROUD candidates shared their ambition, their eagerness to share their experience and they reflected on their dreams to become the brightest professionals!

Interviews with pitch had a jury from the industry (AME, Bosch, Philips, TSS4U, Van Ulzen, YLC, YER), PROUD Alumni, PROUD teachers, PROUD students and our dean Ella Hueting.

Check out the highlights on the photos below 🙂

dsc_0146 dsc_0139

dsc_0151 dsc_0178 dsc_0176 dsc_0160dsc_0006_small dsc_0185 dsc_0215 dsc_0208 dsc_0205 dsc_0200 dsc_0192 dsc_0188dsc_0052_small dsc_0061_small

8th October 2015 – Raad van Advies meeting

On Thursday 8th of October, the PROUD committee was invited to attend a Raad van Advies meeting. The meeting was held at Neways, north of Eindhoven and it involved more than 10 companies in the technical region as well as representatives of all Fontys departments. We were asked to present the PROUD programme, and pitch ourselves to the attending companies . The PROUD members who participated were Bozhidar Uzunov, Mehran Firoozbakhtan, Xheni Meda and Peter van Kollenburg, where the presentation itself was given by the chairman, Bozhidar Uzunov, and Mehran.

The presentation included an introduction to PROUD, our goals, information on the intake sessions,and a very important topic: the outcome of two researches that our students have carried out on“How does PROUD affect the grades of the students?”. We can fully say that the presentation was very successful because everyone in the meeting got involved into asking questions and coming up with topics of discussions. Now that we have 8 new students in the programme, we hope to have further contact with all these companies.

29th October 2015 – YER Master Class

We are proud to say that, we had our first event with our sponsor YER Technology.

On Thursday 29th of October, YER held a Master Class at its new office location in Eindhoven Flight Forum. The guest speaker was Pieter Kruit, a professor of Physics at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The class was about Nanolithography and the Dutch companies that master this technique. The presentation was divided into 3 parts, and was mainly directed to an audience with non-technical background. At last, Pieter Kruit also introduced his own company, which he founded with other co-workers and which in involved in the design and production of electron-beam, mask-less, nanolithography machines. The presentation lasted for about 1 hour and a half, and it included very interesting and brainstorming question sessions in between the presentations.

After the presentation, a standing buffet and drinks followed up. We went there with Peter van Kollenburg and 6 other students, catching the opportunity to mingle and get to know a number of experts and professionals who work with nanolithography and were invited by YER. Everyone was very friendly and it was easy to open up a conversation, or maybe the drinks made it easier. We got new contacts, met new people and even played a couple of games in foosball. All in all it was a great night and hoping for many more to come.

PROUD dinner

Recently another great PROUD dinner was held last Tuesday (09.12.2014) at the Grand Restaurant Le Connaisseur in Eindhoven. We all had a great time in the company of our good colleges and friends. We were also very happy that Mr Kollenburg was also able to join us as well as one of the alumni.

And some photos from the dinner:
Click here
Click here
Some of us have superpowers
And it`s so nice I had to say it twice!

We hope to see you all at the next PROUD event! Merry Christmas!

PROUD dinner

Happy New Year and welcome back to Fontys after the holidays.

We would like to invite you to join our exclusive PROUD dinner. The dinner is organized by the PROUD committee to build a fellowship amongst all PROUD students and lecturers involved in the PROUD programme. The dinner is planned as follows:

Date: January 29th 2014
Time: 18:00 onwards
Place: In de Voortuin wijkrestaurant
Celsiusplein 28
5621 BN Eindhoven
Price: about 7 euros excluding drinks for a 3 course menu (Menu)

Please send us an email( before the 21st of January 2014 to confirm your place at the dinner.

On the January 29th 2014 are also the IPD presentations for E6 and E7. Other students are also welcome to take a look at the presentations and have a drink. After the IPD drinks, we will go to the restaurant.
We don’t have a planning for the presentations yet but this should be on the IPD website soon.

We look forward to seeing you at the dinner and we hope to be able to connect with all PROUD students over delicious food and drinks.