Mehran Firoozbakhtan


Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Role in PROUD committee: Internal affairs

About myself: I’m an enthusiastic and curious person, looking for new challenges everyday. I’m always looking for gaining new technical and non technical skills and improving my current ones. currently I’m active and interested in new and cutting edge technologies and finding potentials to integrate them in different societies.

About PROUD Programme: Proud was the place to find the like minded people, get inspired by their ideas and experiences. It is the cool open platform for new ideas; from doing research on Fontys education and publishing it in different conferences till having collaboration with international groups or companies in the region, there is a huge range of possibilities that can be done.
For me it was really nice to have all these external possibilities but also proud gave me some extra hands on helping and trying to shift Fontys curriculum which meant a lot to me.

Natalia Szymanska


Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

About myself: I am an Engineer in the making, motivated by hands on experiences and working in a team. It makes me happy to contribute to the development of people and see them grow. I am an open person up for a challenge – always willing to learn.

About PROUD program:PROUD was a chance to contribute to a community of students with a common goal – to become a top notch Engineer once you are done studying. It was this environment that helped me improve my technical skills and gave me a chance to enhance my soft skills. It is a surrounding that makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger while following my education. PROUD is a community that I am happy to give back to.


Picture by Bart van Overbeeke

Lukas Martisiunas


Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

About myself: I am mostly interested in embedded and digital solutions and their optimisation. I always like the challenge to make something work with constrains of processing power or memory, where even smallest things have to be considered. Also during my minor I improved my PCB design skills using CadSoft “Eagle” software.

About PROUD: I think PROUD is a great opportunity to learn something new and gain experience from the company. In my opinion, best way to learn something is to apply it in practise, and then try to improve based on results, and PROUD program provides just that.


Timofei Volkov


Course: Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Semester: 7
Employed at: Omniradar
Previously: Research at TU/e

About me: I am a passionate and pro-active student, always looking for doing something above standard. Therefore, I welcome challenges and new experiences in life. I am interested mostly in Embedded Systems, software design and digital design.

About PROUD: I think PROUD is a nice opportunity for students to gain useful real-life experience. PROUD is a community of people sharing the similar vision and approach to Engineering profession and it helps to grow outside of the university activities!

Roald Lemmen


Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

About myself: I was in the first group of Proud participants working in the field of Industrial Automation.

About PROUD Programme: Great way to kick-off your professional career before graduation.

Jeroen Maar


Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

About myself: My field of interest is power electronics, especially industrial and automotive.

About PROUD Programme: Having started as a bachelor student at the TU/e before, I had a lot of spare time at Fontys. I was a bit bored and had the idea that I wasn’t learning new things. Peter van Kollenburg advised me to see if I was interested in PROUD. I joined PROUD and got in to contact with Prodrive-Technologies. Together with some other students, I started the PROUD student committee, which together with the PROUD teacher committee forms the board of PROUD. Looking back, I think PROUD is exactly what I was looking for because the way it is set up. It brings you in to contact with companies and lets you organize things at Fontys.

Ricardo Portugal


Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Semester: 5

About myself: I consider myself a dedicated team worker and a result-oriented person, always looking for new challenges.

About PROUD Programme: I decided to join this program based on my desire to get experience related to electronics and apply the knowledge gained until now in university.

Luigi Ferruccio Parisini


Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Mechatronics

About myself: I am a friendly person with a strong love for technology. I am mainly interested in software, and how the development process occur on company level.

About PROUD Programme: I have joined the PROUD programme to be able to experience the development process in the “real world”, and improve my skills for my professional career.

Maarten Leeters


Bachelor course: Elektrotechniek

About PROUD Programme: I joined PROUD because I now if you work at a company you learn much more than at school.
The first month I learned a lot about production.
I learned how the production process worked.
What are things you can save money when you make your own product.

Xheni Meda


Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Telecommunication
Semester: 7
Role in PROUD committee: Internal Affairs

About myself: I would describe myself as an easy going person that likes to socialize and isn’t awkward when it comes to meeting new people or talking in front of crowds. One of my strongest points I would say is my will to finish things on time while providing high end results.

About PROUD Programme: PROUD is a completely new experience. It still is in its beginning and there are things to be improved but it has helped me keep in touch with more than one company, gaining experience and broadening my knowledge while working with engineers and professionals. I am more than happy with my working place and the people that surround me there.

Giovanni Pizzarotti

Giovanni Pizzarotti

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Mechatronics

About myself: Passionate in the work I do, I care about the process, the result, the people but also about all the small yet important details of things.
Curios, critical and perfectionist, I am interested in Physics, Electromagnetism, Telecommunications, Electronics, and I like prototyping.

About PROUD Programme: I joined PROUD because I like environments from which I can learn, and because of the challenge it consists of.
Being able to work in a company incredibly helped to heighten my experience, expertise and knowledge.
The challenge of having responsibilities and fulfilling these responsibilities is what really makes you grow.
I think that this great chance of growth and the possibility to improve Fontys and its environment are also reasons why other students should join.

Bozhidar Uzunov


Bozhidar Uzunov

Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Mechatronics

About myself: I am 20 years old, Bulgarian, an ambitious student, who enjoys very much the laws of physics. I am passionate about it and I love experimenting with new electronics.
About PROUD Programme: I joined PROUD, because it is a great opportunity to meet the professional world from very early stage of my studies. When this opportunity comes no one should miss it, because in PROUD you can start applying all theoretical knowledge on practice.

Nedko Gatev


Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Mechatronics
Graduation year: 2015
Role in PROUD committee: Alumnus – Former Media Management

About PROUD Programme: I joined PROUD because I wanted to get some more professional experience at an engineering company. My experience with the program was excellent, and I learned a lot about how experienced engineers conduct their work. This helped me a lot during my internship as well as in my studies at Fontys. I would strongly recommend the program to other students.

Nikolay Mihaylov


Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Mechatronics
Graduation year: 2015
Role in PROUD committee: Alumnus – Former Internal Affairs

About myself:I am Bulgarian, almost 22 years old. I am interested in many things which makes it hard to specialize in something but lately I found Analogue and Power Electronics, Automotive Engineering as well as Automation to be something I would like to emphasize on.

My hobbies include scale modelling, history, tennis, playing the piano.

About PROUD Programme: The reasons why I joined PROUD were to gain a lot of practical knowledge and experience, to see what it is to work in one of the top companies in the region as well as to help improve the EEE programme as much as possible.

Martha Qorinna


Bachelor course: Electrical Engineering
Specialization: Mechatronics
Graduation year:
Role in PROUD committee: Alumna – Former Treasurer


About myself: I like solving challenging problem as well as learning new and different things that can broaden my knowledge!
About PROUD Programme:I have joined PROUD because of the opportunity to work in companies and experience working with engineering while studying so I can apply the theoretical knowledge that I have from school.
Other students should join PROUD because after having an experience working in a company, it will help to understand which field is best suited for the student’s future interest. As well as to experience which company matches the student’s interest. Once it is accomplished there are so many things to discover and to learn. Not only that it is a lot of fun having to solve the challenging problem that will be encountered once working in a company.

Leke Raifi


Bachelor course: Electrical Engineering
Specialization: Telecommunications
Graduation year: 2015
Role in PROUD committee: Alumnus – Former President

I am a talkative and expressive person. I like working with a group who share the same enthusiasm as I do regarding specific topics and try to achieve the best outcome possible out of it. Also, being a persistent hard-worker, committed student, energetic, as well as extremely vulnerable for new challenges; I truly believe I am a suitable and reliable for every opportunity that comes in the way.

About PROUD Programme: I joined PROUD Program because I saw as a great opportunity to get familiar with the working experience that is expecting me after I graduate. Also, I saw PROUD Program as a great asset of my CV for my future engineering carrier.
I think everyone who is motivated to achieve greater things than just the bachelor diploma and thinks that is mature enough to maintain a balance between working and studying should join PROUD.
So far, I am really happy to have joined PROUD Program since it has opened a lot of work opportunities for me and also has helped me to create a larger engineering network.
I learned a lot from PROUD Program and in different fields such as professional aspect, technical aspect or social aspect, but I would definitely stand out from all of them, the working experience that you get from it. This work experience has helped me the most at this moment.