Is PROUD for me?

The Fontys PROUD program is for students from the Engineering studies at Fontys University in Eindhoven who are eager to learn and do more. The PROUD program provides the students with extra opportunities to gain extra experience, from the work field and at the study itself.

The students will get the opportunity to work at a company in the field for one day of the week, on top of their current study. There are also many opportunities at the university to help other students and improve the curriculum.

What is the structure?

PROUD is a program mainly led by students. To keep the PROUD program going there is a committee with a couple of departments:

    • Chairman & vice-chairman
    • Finance
    • Media
    • Marketing
    • Communication

These departments are responsible for their assigned tasks. Every PROUD member is engaged in one of these departments and helps to keep everything going.

What conditions do I have to meet?

    • Completed the first year with propaedeutic certificate
    • Is studying in the third semester of the study
    • Is motivated to do more
    • Has plenty of time

When these criteria have been met, the student can apply for the intake procedure. The intake consists of a: motivation letter, application letter and curriculum vitae.

Submission Form

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