8th October 2015 – Raad van Advies meeting

On Thursday 8th of October, the PROUD committee was invited to attend a Raad van Advies meeting. The meeting was held at Neways, north of Eindhoven and it involved more than 10 companies in the technical region as well as representatives of all Fontys departments. We were asked to present the PROUD programme, and pitch ourselves to the attending companies . The PROUD members who participated were Bozhidar Uzunov, Mehran Firoozbakhtan, Xheni Meda and Peter van Kollenburg, where the presentation itself was given by the chairman, Bozhidar Uzunov, and Mehran.

The presentation included an introduction to PROUD, our goals, information on the intake sessions,and a very important topic: the outcome of two researches that our students have carried out on“How does PROUD affect the grades of the students?”. We can fully say that the presentation was very successful because everyone in the meeting got involved into asking questions and coming up with topics of discussions. Now that we have 8 new students in the programme, we hope to have further contact with all these companies.