For Companies

At Fontys Engineering (Electronic, Mechatronic and Mechanical Engineering) we have an excellent student program for Engineering students called PROUD (PRogramme OUtstanding Development). A large number of companies (20+) in the region already participate and give these students the opportunity to do business experience at least 1 day a week (paid at around 10 euros per hour), a kind of job opportunity. On average it is between 1-2 days a week (on average because he / she can also work at the company during the holidays)

You can see it as a (very) long internship: the first 6 months the student comes one day of the week. This can be seen become familiar with the company and its products (the student is at that time a second-year student Electrical Engineering). In the next six months there is then the opportunity to run a full-time internship at your company. The following year, the student can once again develop products for 1-2 days a week (since then the student is in the 3rd / 4th year of the study). The final six months they have graduation and we leave the student free to make a choice to do that in yours or in another company. If there is no match between company and student, then you (or the student) can of course cancel the contract at any time. FYI: the first new enrolment for PROUD students is in November this year.

The experience with this PROUD programme is particularly good. Businesses are in contact with the excellent engineering students early in the study and they bond together. And students learn to know business and learn how to handle the latest technologies and processes and bring it back to school early in the study. We have national and international education, so it is also regular to English-speaking students from our international education.

If you are interested in collaboration with our PROUD program or if you have questions, please fill in the form below!