Keeping Up with the Alumni

Name: Diviyia Kanagalingam
Graduated in: 2015
Internship company: Neways Eindhoven
Current job: Diagnostic and Aftersales Engineer

What was your work experience like? What did you find valuable and what did you find difficult?

It was definitely an eye opening and unique experience. As Neways was my first “job experience” ever in my life, it gave me a valuable insight on working life as well as I could experience once a week what it was like to a work as an engineer and to see the different expertise of people coming together to create a solution. I believe the challenging part for me personally at first was getting rid of my “student” mentality while working. A student mentality  according to me was waiting to be told exactly and how something has to be done as well as an indication of what end results to expect. Understanding that I was now in a working environment whereby my task was my responsibility to decide how I would execute it and what were my milestones was an exhilarating experience.

Did your experience in PROUD help with the transition into your current job?

Yes definitely. I believe that the work ethics and confidence that I gained during the PROUD experience helped me transition into my current job.

Where do you currently work? Could you describe your company briefly?

I am currently working at PROTON, Malaysia. PROTON is an automotive company that develops and sells cars. While our cars are dominantly sold locally in Malaysia, we also do export our cars to countries like Australia,
Thailand, Indonesia and Egypt. Fun Fact: Our cars used to be exported to the United Kingdom and Germany during the 90`s, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you see an old Proton Saga somewhere in Europe.

What is your current position? Could you give a short description of your current job?

I am currently working as a diagnostic and aftersales engineer in the Research and Development department. In short, my job entails developing the diagnostic protocols in an ECU (Electric Control Unit) and then developing the aftersales diagnostic software that would be used by the workshops to diagnose the car. It is an interesting job because I get to work with all the different functional teams, such as the powertrain team, the ABS/ESC team, the SRS team and etc to understand the functionality of the system on the vehicle to develop the diagnostics in the ECU.

Do you have any advice for people in PROUD now? Tips to get the most out of their experience, or opportunities they should take advantage of?

My advice to you is to enjoy this unique experience!! Besides that, don’t be afraid to ask, learn and to contribute your opinions and ideas at the company that you are working at. Graduating with a PROUD certificate definitely gives you an added advantage when you enter the job market, as well as the work ethics and knowledge that you gained over the PROUD experiences gives you an edge at your job.

Is there anything that you would have liked PROUD to be involved in when you participated?

I thought that PROUD was pretty well round. Besides the work experience, we were given the chance to get involved in various activities such as researching, writing and presenting papers with other PROUD members at

Now that you are working at a company, is there anything you would include in PROUD to make us more effective, and useful?

In my opinion, I believe that PROUD is currently a well-oiled machine. The work experience ratio to the other opportunities available is great and the alumni that allows the PROUD alumni’s to connect with the new PROUD members to share their experiences and ideas is fantastic as well.

I hear that you are working overseas, would you be able to share a little about how you got this opportunity and your experience so far?

After graduating, I decided to return back to Malaysia and since the automotive industry was the area that I am passionate about, my current company, PROTON, was the obvious choice for me to work at. At first it was a little difficult as there definitely was a huge cultural difference in working in Europe and in Asia, but now I am enjoying the challenges and new opportunities that I am exposed to at work.