Eduard Cazacu

Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: Embedded Systems and Digital Design
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Member

About myself: Ever since I first laid my hands on electronics, in the form of toys as a kid, I was intrigued. To my parents’ despair, I wanted to understand how they work. I was taking everything apart and switching wires, trying to reverse engineer. However, growing up I discovered programming and started perusing a career in computer science, studying 4 years of C++ and many other programming languages in my free time. I soon discovered that the output of my programs and algorithms were not “physical” enough for me. I wanted more. I wanted my code to interact with the real world. It didn’t take long after I got my first Arduino to realize that Electrical Engineering is the best choice for me. It was my passion and I could make it my day job.  By the end of my first year studying electrical engineering and its many specializations I’ve made my mind: I want to focus on Embedded Systems and Digital Design. 

My hobbies, when not tackling personal electronics projects, include photography and film. I love the entire process from scripting all the way to editing and special effects. But at heart, I am a true gear-head knowing the amazing engineering behind the cameras, both in our pockets and at Hollywood, which we take for granted. My hope is that one day I will manage to combine my profession and my hobbies and get to work on the gear used to capture the otherworldly stories and visuals from the movies.  

About PROUD Programme: Through the years I’ve found that real-life challenges and projects help me learn at a faster pace than anything else. I find practical experience extremely valuable as a way to motivate theoretical studying and deeper understanding. The PROUD programme provided me with head-start for my internship and with valuable practical experience, first-hand and from fellow members.