Lakzaei Ehsan

Lakzaei Ehsan

Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Chairman

About myself:

Did you know that every thing in this world can be modulated and be analysed like a control system that we see in our daily life? From A to Z!!! From analysing the behavior of the atoms to analysing a non linear system in machines to telecommunication analyses and even furthur to analysing the whole galaxy!!!! The more I go deeper to my field of study the more it becomes fascinating.
I’m Ehsan, 31 years old (let’s say, age is just a number! who cares… 😂) and I’m from Iran. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see and to experiance. I do love biking, trips and the most important one : studying and teaching!
I always wanted to be a great teacher at a university and the chance of being one, was given to me about one and half year ago when I started studying at Fontys! So Thanks Fontys!

About PROUD Programme:

How many of you know the percentage of chances that a student gets a good offer for a job after graduation?

Let this idea sink in for a second and then imagine what it would be like if students would have more practical perspective in terms of their workplace and study environment. This represents the main goal of PROUD. Gaining experience in the field of study is certainly one of the most important aspects for all students and it is a great advantage when it comes to applying for a job.

But this is not the only goal of being a PROUD member! We, as PROUD members, learn how to improve our soft skills, how to share our gained knowledge from companies with other students.

At last, we are not just members, but a new PROUD’s constructors generation.