Meijer Roy

Meijer Roy

Role in PROUD committee: Member Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization:Embedded Systems and Digital Design
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Vice-chairman

About myself: A few years ago, I got into obtaining the best audio/video signals out of my video game consoles. I bought some modification kits which improved the audio and video quality of some of my video game consoles, and I figured out that I want to be able to design comparable things myself. When I stated to look for a study, I found that I can learn those things at Electrical Engineering. 

At the time writing this article, I found the courses Digital Design and Embedded Systems suit my interests the best. I even got the ability to send in my own project idea, so at the third semester, me and six other students (two of whom are PROUD members) tried to recreate a Nintendo Entertainment System. I have learned a lot about generating and manipulating video signals during this project. 

After this study, I want to do a master in Embedded Systems so I can learn even more about my favorite subjects. 

About PROUD Programme: PROUD helps me to develop my soft skills and hard skills. When working at my PROUD company, I learn a lot of things which I don’t learn at Fontys. I can develop my soft skills because presenting is my weak point, and I can practice and improve this while doing things for the PROUD community.