Nikola Savov

Nikola Savov


Name: Nikola Savov

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Semester: 4

About myself: Electronics have always been a passion for me. Before I started first grade, my grandfather showed me how to build a simple series circuit and I instantly fell in love. I have always pondered on how I can one day build electrical circuits and machines. Because of this I decided to go abroad and learn new things, while meeting new people. Even though, my previous studies were not connected to electronics in any way, I still managed to succeed and get very high grades, because when I get motivated I do it.

About PROUD: For me PROUD is a place where people who seek improvement can gather and work together. It is a way to constantly challenge each other to be better than before. This type of mentality is the driving force towards improvement and success, hence the main reason why I decided to be a part of the PROUD community. The main advantage of PROUD is its focus towards creating professionals. Not a lot of students have the opportunity to get a taste of working in a company. In PROUD students can get a feel for real life, which will prepare them for the road ahead.