Richard Fransen

Richard Fransen

Name: Richard Fransen

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Semester: 4


About myself: Understanding the many systems, tools and machines that are around has always intrigued me. I like to learn how things operate and how we can make tools to better our environment, whether that be work or play. Having a hands-on background with Electrical systems as an Electrician, I am really enjoying getting to know more in depth how these systems operate especially from an Electrical/Electronic perspective.

About PROUD Programme: The community here with PROUD is a great way for me to further to challenge myself to be active within the study course. Helping to create a better and more positive environment for us students to be a part of. I also really like that the PROUD community is bridging the gap between students in their studies and professionals and companies within the workplace. Being able to get out into the workplace while studying is a huge advantage for me as a student, it will really help when I go out to find an internship or possible future jobs.