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About us

In September 2009 the department of Engineering of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands has started a pilot honors program for excellent engineering students called PRogram OUtstanding Development (PROUD). The aim of this program is to give those engineering students, who have the ambition, the opportunity to work on extra profession related challenges in their study. By means of this PROUD program, Fontys University of Applied Sciences is responding to the wishes of students for extracurricular activities and increasing need from the industry for excellent professionals with an extra level of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

What we do!

PROUD helps develop future profesionals and connect innovative companies with the future generation of engineering

Our Goals

The PROUD Engineering Program will enhance the capability for engineering education to adapt to the changing needs of a technological and diverse society. We do want to contribute as much as possible and that is why our department of Engineering has a goal to educate the “Best engineers and product designers of the Netherlands”.

The program prepare students to help this increasingly diverse society in which human progress and our nations’ economic future depend on the development and application of technology. Working on innovations, embrace and fulfill the aspirations of a diverse student body, and meet the needs of the engineering enterprise and society will contribute to our goals.



  • Goal 1

    The maximum development of human potential.

  • Goal 2

    Innovation in curricular structure and content

  • Goal 3

    Leadership in the innovation and use of educational technologies

  • Goal 4

    Continuous improvement in the engineering education



What's in it for the company?

A large number of companies (20+) in the region already participate and give these students the opportunity to do business experience at least 1 day a week. On average it is between 1-2 days a week (on average because he / she can also work at the company during the holidays)

Businesses are in contact with the excellent engineering students early in the study and they bond together. And students learn to know business and learn how to handle the latest technologies and processes and bring it back to school early in the study. We have national and international education, so it is also regular to English-speaking students from our international education.

What's in it for the student?

The PROUD program provides the students with extra opportunities to gain extra experience, from the work field and at the study itself.

The students will get the opportunity to work at a company in the field for one day of the week, on top of their current study. There are also many opportunities at the university to help other students and improve the curriculum. 

The student can work on interpersonal skills, while participating in a department under the PROUD commette.