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What is PROUD

In September 2009 the department of Engineering of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands has started a pilot honors program for excellent engineering students called PRogram OUtstanding Development (PROUD). The aim of this program is to give those engineering students, who have the ambition, the opportunity to work on extra profession related challenges in their study. By means of this PROUD program, Fontys University of Applied Sciences is responding to the wishes of students for extracurricular activities and increasing need from the industry for excellent professionals with an extra level of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Our goals

The PROUD Engineering Program will enhance the capability for engineering education to adapt to the changing needs of a technological and diverse society. Our institute Fontys University of Applied Sciences is located in the Brainport of the Netherlands. In this area, there are many companies specialized in product development and design. We do want to contribute as much as possible and that is why our department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has a goal: to educate the “Best engineers and product designers of the Netherlands”.

Therefore the engineering department will prepare students to help this increasingly diverse society in which human progress and our nations’ economic future depend on the development and application of technology. Working on innovations, embrace and fulfill the aspirations of a diverse student body, and meet the needs of the engineering enterprise and society will contribute to our goals.

This will be done by:

  1. The maximum development of human potential.
  2. Innovation in curricular structure and content.
  3. Leadership in the innovation and use of educational technologies.
  4. Continuous improvement in the engineering education process.

The type of community we are creating involves much more than just being good at science and mathematics. Although that is clearly part of it, we are also looking for

  1. Students who want more from their engineering education than fulfilling minimum requirements.
  2. Students looking out for an educational experience that challenges their abilities and honors the uniqueness of their ambitions.
  3. Students whose vision of engineering embraces both the opportunities and needs of a rapidly changing world.
  4. Students who are eager to belong to a community of talented individuals coming together to encourage, support and enjoy each other’s pursuit of excellence. An engineer who is top of the bill regarding product development and all engineering aspects involved with that.

What is in for the company?

Students part of proud are mainly on their second year/third year of their studies. This gives companies an opportunity to grow their junior engineers by their standards. In addition, students get up to 2 years of experience before they even start as full-time engineers after they graduate, thus saving more time and expenses for the company.

Would you like to know more?

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