PROUD Competence framework

During the PROUD honours programme, students work on developing several competences. These are

  • Technical and professional competencies
  • Innovation and dissemination
  • Leadership, mentoring and coaching
  • Free competence based on personal development plan

The exact nature of each competence depends on the work students do during their PROUD Internship, the elements of the PROUD Learning Program students participate in, and the extent to which students mentor and coach junior students.

Technical and professional competencies

This competence is about deepening and broadening technical content in relation to the bachelor level. Students should have a stronger knowledge base (deepening) or a broader knowledge base (broadening) than is required in the regular bachelor program. Students work methodically and think systematically about their own professional actions.

The content created during PROUD is complex, fully implemented and justified and has also led to the desired result. This competence focusses on the work done during the PROUD Internship.

You have masterd this competence if

  • you have created (new) technical content that is above and beyond the level of the bachelor program
  • your created content is shaped by the context in which it was created and you explore issues fully and deeply
  • you formulate and develop claims with sufficient support, including reasoning, evidence, and persuasive appeals, and proper attribution where necessary
  • you show that you are a critical thinker and show higher order thinking skills
  • you have shared your created content with others

Innovation and dissimination

This competence is about innovative practice which contributes to new products, applications, methods, ideas, concepts, technology, etc. Students undertake something new compared to the standards in the professional context. Students can contribute to the innovation of the profession or professional knowledge and spread the knowledge and insights they have gained.

This competence is about showing the value of the technical and innovative work done, sharing this work with others and making that work sustainable. Students contribute to the renewal of professional practice and make their innovations visible to relevant stakeholders.

You have masterd this competence if

  • you integrate diverse knowledge, perspectives, and/or innovative skills into arguments and/or strategies
  • you design and produce a product and/or creative project in the appropriate interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary context of the company.
  • you use structured methods, reviews and documentation on a professional level as is standardized in the company.

Leadership, mentoring and coaching

This competence is about leadership within a team, mentoring other students and leading by example. You have masterd this competence if

  • you take control of your personal development (personal leadership) in relation to your (future) role.
  • you make conscious choices to achieve your goals
  • you show leadership if you can support or inspire others in their personal and professional development in a project, activity or organization
  • you sussesfully coach a junior student or project group, both in the process as in the technical content
  • you demonstrate planning and collaboration skills

Free competence based on personal development plan

When studentens are admitted to PROUD, they determine their own personal learning goals. This free competence is determined based on the interests and goals of each individual student and is always related to creating value for yourself or others. You have mastered this competence if

  • you have defined what the competence is, e.g. internationalization, creative design, research skills, system engineering, business administration, etc.
  • you have defined smart criteria for assessing this competence
  • you have demonstrated that you have achieved the defined competence and criteria
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