Portfolio assessment information

To complete the PROUD honours programme, students need to write a portfolio for assessment. This portfolio can take any form, as long as the competence framework and portfolio requirements are met. Examples of forms the portfolio can take are a written document, an interactive website, a mixed media platform including video content, etc.

Assessment procedure

The assessment procedure is as follows.

  • The student submits his/her portfolio to the program manager no later than the given deadline. Portfolios submitted after the given deadline will not be considered for assessment, and will be postponed to the next opportunity.
  • The program manager froms an assessment committee based on the student’s education program.
  • The program manager sends the portfolio for assessment to the assessment committee.
  • The program manager plans an assessment meeting, maximum four weeks after the deadline for submitting the portfolio.
  • The assessment committee meets and assesses the portfolio based on the PROUD competences and descides if the student will receive the PROUD honours certificate.
  • After the assessment committee meeting, the program manager informs the student about the outcome of the assessment and the feedback of the assessment committee.

Assessment committee

Each portfolio is assessed by at least 3 assessors, namely

  • The PROUD program manager
  • A content expert from the student’s education program
  • A member from the Fontys Engineering management team, or a designated replacement

Deadline for assessment

Students that wish for their portfolio to be assessed, have to submit their portfolio to the program manager no later than May 30th, 2023.

Asessment form

The portfolio is assessed using THIS form.

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