Fontys Engineering students want to develop themselves both in terms of content skills and professional skills. You and your company can play a role in the development of our honours students.

What are the benefits of being a PROUD company?

We offer you the opportunity to

  • engage with our best students early on in their studies.
  • have our best student working on problems important to your company.
  • train our students in your field of expertise.
  • showcase your company to PROUD students and alumni.
  • engage with PROUD students and alumni by offering training courses/lectures.
  • collaborate with Fontys researchers.

What do we ask of a PROUD company?

We ask that you provide

  • a technically challanging topic on which a student can work part-time for at least 200 hours in the student’s second study year, with the possibility to extend the project with a full time internship of 5 months in the student’s third study year.
  • supervision, mentoring and feedback by a professional from your company on our PROUD student’s content skills and soft skills.
  • financial compensation to the PROUD student working at your company.
  • the opportunity for Fontys researchers, PROUD students and alumni to visit your company as a group.

How to become a PROUD company?

You become a PROUD company by giving one of our students the opportunity to develop themselves within the context of your company. You provide the technical and professional environment in which a student can grow.

Send an email to to get in touch with the program coordinator.

Who have been involved with PROUD?

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