PROUD Learning Programme

The PROUD Learning Programme gives students that are part of the PROUD honours programme the opportunity to develop their technical content skills, networking skills and their soft skills. The core activity of the PROUD Learning Programme is the PROUD internship, for which more information is available HERE. other activities include networking and social activities.

Show & Grow

Each last Monday of the month, one member of the PROUD team presents the work they perform at their PROUD inturnship. The meetings are online to make it possible for as many PROUD alumni as possible to join. During these meetings, PROUD students learn to present their work to their peers, and to reflect on the impact of their work on others.

Company visits

Each PROUD student hosts at least one visit for all current PROUD students and alumni to the company where they perform their PROUD internship. The goal is to learn about the technical advances that others are doing and how each company organizes their work.

Fontys open days

All PROUD students are present at at least one Fontys open day during their time in the programme. Here students learn to pitch the programme to prospective students and their parents. By learning to pitch the programme to others in a short and powerful way, studens also learn to pitch themselves.


Occasionally, the PROUD student board organizes a workshop on a current and relevant topic.

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