PROUD Portfolio Requirements

To be eligible for an honours certificate, students need to write a portfolio for assessment of their work during the PROUD honours program. The portfolio needs to contain at least the following, but is not limited to this. A student can add any other things he/she deems relevant.

Portfolio structure

The general structure of the portfolio is an introduction with reader’s guide, profile of the student, justification and evidence for each competence, conclusion and closing

Introduction with reader’s guide. The reader’s guide is an introduction for the assessors in which the student briefly describes how the portfolio is structured.

Profile of the student. The student introduces him/herself and gives a short summary of his/her career. The student elaborates on the reasons for joining PROUD and what activities he/she did during PROUD, e.g board member activities, etc.

Profile of the company. The student gives a short description of the nature and the activities of the company where the PROUD internship was done.

Reflection per competence, i.e. Technical and professional competencies, Innovation and discimination, Leadership, mentoring and coaching, Free competence based on personal development plan. For each competence, the student writes a justification/reflection in no more than three pages in which he/she indicates his/her competence. In doing so, the candidate uses the performance indicators formulated for each competence. He/she also provides evidence to support the claims made in the reflections. The student will provide clear references to that evidence.

Conclusion and closing. The students concluses with looking back on PROUD as a whole, gives feedback on the program and ends with any final remarks.

IMPORTANT: The portfolio has to be send to the assessors as a single document, website, etc. Use hyperlinks and other means to link to supporting documents.

Supporting evidence and documentation

The student can include any documentation that he/she feels supports the claims made in the competence reflection reports. The following minimum documentation needs to be included

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Development Plan from start of PROUD
  • Company supervisor feedback form, available HERE
  • Documentation supporting the claims made in the portfolio

date: 01-03-2023

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